Use current domain account for authentication

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Use current domain account for authentication

Postby abcde1 » 2016-03-18 03:17

Currently, when connect to a uvnc server where only specific domain account could connect, client-side user needs to type domain account name and password, and it's not so convenient and safe for those who have logged in as the domain user that needed for authentication, considering the chance of shoulder surfing and so.
So, can you add an option like "authenticate with current domain account" in the process of authentication? Thanks in advance :)

(And also, if there could be a way to import/export all configuration from/to file, it will be much easier to deploy the uvnc on my domain, hope you could also take this into consideration, and thanks in advance :D )
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Re: Use current domain account for authentication

Postby jpickerell » 2016-07-16 15:09

Not sure how feasible this is, but would be a fantastic function to have!!!! (Single Sign-On using your currently logged in windows domain credentials, fall-back to prompting for login if integrated auth didn't have permissions)
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