Very High Virtual Resolution allowing more than one desktop

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Very High Virtual Resolution allowing more than one desktop

Postby Fabianx » 2004-07-15 03:22


I know that you already answered that the MS RDP service is for multiple desktops.

I still see a way for it. MS RDP costs are _very_ high for many users.

But I'm still missing some parts for my idea to get to full fruits.


The screen has a resolution of say 10 x (1024x768).

User1 connects, VNC Server automatically gives User1 a free "Screen Offset" and spawns a certain program _as_ User1 (runas /user:User1) on that offset.

By using certain hooks (yes, thats possible) Program1 cannot leave the virtual desktop provided by VNC.

The User can now work with this program and just this program, but cannot disturb other users also working on that desktop. (Of course VNC would need to allow more than one connection, using the desktop)

For providing that high virtual resolution one would need a custom driver.

1. Do you think that the mirror driver could provide that high resolutions? (... With changing it a bit as a primary source and no local display ...)

2. Do you think its possible to "multiplex" several mice inputs to just one display? Does Windows have a concept of virtual pointers?

For what its good for:

There are several offices that just need one or two programs running on windows, but can migrate to linux with all other applications.

Citrix or MS RDP have high costs for terminal server licences.

That VNC model would allow several users using their programs without interfering and just using standard licenses (that are already there or are very cheap) and as runas is provided by Microsoft without violating any Copyrights.

Please think about it.


Fabian, Knoppix and FreeNX Team

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2004-07-15 14:58

The problem is not the video, but the fact that MS consider
the applications running on 1 big desktop.
1 desktop --> 1 input queue for mouse and keyboard.

You need an input wrapper around the application....
Tried it a time ago, but give up....seems not possible to redirect
input to a specific application.
Rudi De Vos
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