Repeater as service

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Repeater as service

Postby wil » 2004-05-06 12:29

have you a solution to do repeater to a service ?

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2004-05-06 17:41

Still making changes, it is just a lot easyer to debug as
application then as service.

When some latest bugs are solved, i will add the service code
to it, so you use install/remove the same as for vnc
Rudi De Vos
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Admin & Developer
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Postby GAEvakYD » 2004-07-12 18:23

This would be a great feature. At this moment i must keep open the command box all the time. Hopefully you can integrate this into the next release. I've been searching for an windows cmd option to detach the process to backrgound, but haven't found anything. I tried command->start /B vnc_repeater.exe, after that the command box keeps open or there will be scrolling a lot of binding error's.
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Take a look ...

Postby Sergio » 2004-07-12 22:57

Take a look ... I tried and it works for me ...
Tutorial (UPDATED)-Installing repeater as a service
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