drag and drop file transfer

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drag and drop file transfer

Postby hanchan » 2004-08-11 10:00

I must say that this program is awesome. The file transfer option is very useful.

Would it be possible to drag and drop files into or out of the viewer window to initiate a file transfer?

For example: could I drag a file from my desktop into the viewer window to the desktop of the remote computer to initiate the file transfer?

That would be a real beauty. :D

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Re: drag and drop file transfer

Postby TurningWorm » 2004-08-24 14:17

Seconded! Some sort of quick and dirty way of grabbing a file to local machine would be very useful. I guess drag and drop wouldn't work, but how about either

1) Use copy and paste (you already synchronise clipboard after all) - paste on client would then transfer the file. If it's too fiddly to hack into windows explorer paste behaviour, maybe add a 'get clipboard files' command to the client (button or whatever) which transfers file(s) in the server clipboard to a user-configuarable preset 'uploads' directory (e.g. the desktop).


2) Install a shell extension on the server to transfer selected file(s) to client (server would need settings for handling multiple clients)


Postby Guest » 2004-09-02 17:25

SMB is your friend..

unless you mean remotely..then VPN's are you friend! :P

cool idea for across-the-net transfers i suppose. 99.99% of the work I do with it is either lan or vpn'ed wan though. i know there's bound to be others out there using it for something else, but its all i've seen it used for honestly.

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