FTP viewer server for smarter file transfer.

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FTP viewer server for smarter file transfer.

Postby Infernoz » 2004-08-25 23:51

IMHO the file transfer GUI is arkward, I suggest a basic local FTP server daemon, on a specified localhost control port (saved in .vnc) for each viewed server, the data port could be provided via the FTP PASV command and individual drives could be directories in the root e.g. "C:" as "/C". The FTP server daemon thread/program could be started when the first local viewer was opened/authenticated for a VNC server and stopped when the last viewer was closed for that VNC server. The server daemon would take care of any blocking (if necessary) and could have a status GUI if useful.

1. no need for arkward modal file transfer window.
2. file transfer would no longer block use of viewer when idle.
3. automation file transfer would be possible without scripting support needed in viewer.
4. no need to update VNC servers, to add FTP file transfer support.

FTP issues

Postby lenisham » 2004-08-26 01:43

FTP has a long history of security issues. I would not suggest using it for file transfer.
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Postby UltraSam » 2004-08-26 07:47

This FTP server proposal was the argument that was flying around 2-3 years ago in the VNC mailing lists when I decided to implement the UltraVNC (eSVNC) filetransfer:

"No need for a integrated filetransfer, it's easy to run a FTP server along WinVNC, and everybody knows how to use a FTP client"...

Everybody was talking about the FTP stuff, no one had released something really simple to use.

When I released FT 1.0 (Feb 2002) the gui was by far more "arkward" than now, but I received hundreds of positive eMails in a few days.
The reason ? Normal users don't want to be bothered whit any complicated FT usage/config. They want to click a button then get a simple FT gui. Ala PCAnywhere, ala Total Commander.

The main arguments against the current FTP gui are:

- Blocking FileTransfer, modal FT window (no screen update during a transfer): it's almost fixed (under beta testing) :)
- No columns sorting: going to be fixed soon
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