Server screen scaling improvement

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Server screen scaling improvement

Postby TheMostToys » 2007-01-30 04:38

The current default server screen scaling is not very useful. This is a GREAT configuration option, but the lowest fraction is ½ (50%) and that is not very useful and anything larger is useless. It would be much more useful if the values allowed for a more granular configuration. This could be achieved still using whole #’s (because of the way this is stored in the registry and for backward compatibility.)

1 to 4 would be a fraction (as it works today.) 1 = 1/1, 2 = ½, 3 = 1/3, 4 = ¼.
5 to 9 would be % 5 = 1/1.5 (50%), 6 = 1/1.6 (60%), … 9 = 1/1.9 (90%).

I mean really, the way it works today, is there any possible value to 1/9 scale?

I know that the viewer allows for this granularity on the PC side, but it would be better (IMHO) to let the server (where the power is) do the scaling.

Thank you
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Re: Server screen scaling improvement

Postby bruderbell » 2008-01-30 01:40

I agree that the current options for server screen scaling aren't all too useful. Is there a way to get it to show the server screen at a percentage of it's full size? 1/2 of its size is way too small..
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Re: Server screen scaling improvement

Postby UltraSam » 2008-01-30 08:46

Sorry. The answer is NO, for now.

Server scaling is done using average calculations on pixels colors using the row bitmaps data on server side, and by fast data elimination.
So it only allows for 1/n factors.
For instance, for the 1/2 factor, we take 2x2 pixels blocks, calculate the average color, and only send 1 pixel with this color.
The amount of sent data is divided by 4.

The goal of this was to reduce the amount of data sent over the connection when the connexion is slow or when the goal is to monitor several servers on a single screen.

It would be possible to do some %age shrinking/stretching but would imply the use of more complex calculations/convertions on the server (and using GDI functions) that would slow down this server a lot.
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Re: Server screen scaling improvement

Postby kissson » 2010-11-05 12:52

sorry to pump this old topic
but I am looking for the fraction 2/3 3/4
it is very useful for viewer running on old machine, exp: P4
my situation,
server 1440x900 windows server 2003 , 4-core processor
client, 1024x768 , I want the screen be fit, but with client side resizing, the cpu load usually ran up to 60-70% (I use zip-6 tight-0 full color) , it is not quite satisfaction
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