Add more buttons to VNC Viewer

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Add more buttons to VNC Viewer

Postby dwest576 » 2004-10-02 02:14

Would like to add more buttons to vnc viewer to like:

Reboot Client
Open Default Web Browser
Uninstall Server portion (Shell to an uninstaller.)

I would imagine all these are possible just don't know the code is that passes the commands from Viewer to server, etc...

Dave West
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Postby NightRyder » 2004-10-02 19:29

I can see thoes being nice, but how are they better then all the other things you could add? ie. Open mail client, open photoshop, shutdown server, logoff server, etc. My point is, I think they should be things that only vnc can do, ie blank screen, file transfer, open chat, etc. Things like the ones you suggested seem like just convinence, and the problem I see with that, is whats to say your convinence items should get placed as a button over someone elses? That bar should not be a shortcut bar, in my opinion, but rather a tool bar.
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Postby Rudi De Vos » 2004-10-02 22:30

There are a lot of restrictions that can be done.
Backward compatibility need to maintained.

Buttons need to vnc related or general.
What looks interesting for the future

-remote runas
-sysinfo (OS/patch level/mem/cpu/current user)
Rudi De Vos
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