Server only version of

Server only version of

Postby Ashwanth » 2009-08-25 10:51

Hi All,
The server only version of available for download gives only winvnc.exe. I have two questions:
1. Do I need to also include VNCHooks.dll along with winvnc.exe when setting up UltraVNC server or just winvnc.exe will do ? Pls help.
2. I assume WinVNC.exe and VNCHooks.dll are both GPL. Am I covered from a license perspective to install WinVNC.exe and VNCHooks.dll as standalone files(I do not refer these files in my server app) in my custom commercial application on the server side and allow my custom viewer application to communicate with WinVNC.exe and VNCHooks.dll.

Pls help.

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Re: Server only version of

Postby redge » 2009-08-28 22:38

yes,only winvnc change, all the rest won't change.
yes, winvnc and vnchooks.dll are open source and GPL
winvnc + vnchooks make faster screen change than only winvnc standalone

hint from Rudi De Vos:
A hook dll try to capture window message, to get hints about the
screen changes. ( Like draw button, set text...)
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