Only works while connected with RDP

Only works while connected with RDP

Postby jakalwarrior » 2009-09-18 18:49

Strange issue on my side. I've been fighting with getting some sort of VNC set up on my home computer from work all day. I finally managed to get UVNC to work BUT when I just plain log in it gets a black screen. I can then log in with microsoft RDP and it refreshes but is unable to make any input :( as soon as I close RDP the screen stops updating.

Host Vista 64 Sp1, client XP SP3.

*edit* oops I got it.

Had to fiddle with it some and run the service instead of the user mode. Then with the service for some reason user input was disabled. Turned that back on. Stopped the service, restarted it, and now I can interact. hooray!
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