Automatic Deployment

Automatic Deployment

Postby maddox » 2009-09-22 19:52

Hi all,

Sorry if this was answered before, i couldn't find a solution.

I made a package to deploy ultravnc to all our client pc's. With this i want to replace tightvnc.

Installing Ultravnc Files and mirror driver, registering the service went successful. My problem is that the UltraVNC Server Property Page shows up on the first run and i have no clue why. In the ini file all values are set correctly. File comparison before first start and afterwards shows no difference.

The question is why the property page is shown and on the second run not. I didn't found any noticable difference in the registry and the winvnc.log don't help me either.

Strange is that the password stored in the property page isn't valid and that the windows shows up over and over. The task manager tells me that the user system started winvnc.exe. But why? I started winvnc by hand so one should expect that my user credentials were taken instead of system.
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