supress driver download at unattended / silent installation

supress driver download at unattended / silent installation

Postby d.oertel » 2009-10-01 10:38


we are working on the field of open source system management.
Deploying ultravnc unattended is one important task we have to do.

Our problem is, how to tell the setup program not even to try the download of the drivers, because this will run against a password protected proxy or there is no internet connection or any other trouble like this. It is easier and better in the context of automatic software deployment to download the drivers once and integrate them in the deployment package.

We tried to block the download via autoit script but this is ugly and don't work always correct.

So - is there any setup command line argument to to suppress the driver downloads ?

If there is not - could you please provide this in the next version ?


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