Mirror Driver Bug

Mirror Driver Bug

Postby Shark321 » 2009-10-08 13:10


I've a problem with the mirror driver.

My Server Screen Updates options:

Poll Full Screen, Poll Foreground Window, Poll Window Under Cursor, System HookDll, Video Hook Driver

Check the Video Hook Driver gives usually:

1.00.22 driver Active access ok

If I boot the computer normally all is fine.

The problem happens if I use S3 standby mode.

After waking up from stand by, there is about 50% chance that the CPU usage rises to 100%. Going to the property page and using the Check button I can see that the driver is not active.

Clicking on OK solves the problem, the cpu usage goes down to 0-5%.

This means when waking up from stand by mode there is a 50% chance that the video mirror driver is not being activated.

I've tried reinstalling the driver and also using older versions of UltraVnc, to no avail.

The system (server) is a Semptron on the AMD 780g chipset (internal graphics).

Thanks for any help in advance.
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