Automating the video driver installation

Automating the video driver installation

Postby bridge » 2010-03-15 22:53

Looking at Windows 7 in our company environment, it appears very difficult to automate the installation of the video driver. To much darn security in the way.

I have gotten past the prompt for trusting the publisher by pre-installing the certificate, however any method I have tried to install the video driver with leads to "Driver Installation failed."

Does anyone have suggestions for automating the video driver installation on Windows 7? (MSI or something else scalable for 100s of computers.

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Re: Automating the video driver installation

Postby bridge » 2010-03-31 11:16

I am happy to report that I was able to accomplish video driver install automation using devcon.exe. Let me backup and give an overview of the total solution that we are using in our company environment:

Automated Install (in order)

1) Create an MSI for UltraVNC

I started doing this several years ago using information from this older forum post by gepeto: How to make your own UltraVNC Server MSI
Based on the information in gepeto’s above post I have been using WiX to create my UltraVNC MSI files. In addition to all the files and actions necessary to install UltraVNC within my MSI, I have included:

The UltraVNC video driver files
CertMgr.Exe from Windows SDK (Software Development Kit)
uvnc.cer (a cert that I saved out from a previous install)
Devcon.exe from Windows WDK (Windows Driver Kit)

I learned of the devcon.exe option from searching the web and stumbling upon this post of someone working on automating the UltraVNC video driver installation: ... nst-devcon

One could also copy the certmgr.exe, uvnc.cer, and devcon.exe files to computer C drives by other means than MSI if desired, i.e. logon script or similar, but I figured since I am making an MSI anyways, why not include everything.

For reference, related posts on automation or MSIs:
Re: UltraVNC Silent/Unattended Install
complete offline installation ultravnc

2) Install MSI

In our company this is being done by launching a VBS script via SCCM

3) Trust the video driver

Snippet from the vbs script being used in our company:

' ***** Install certificate for software publisher "uvnc bvba" (Pretrusting UltraVNC video driver install)
WshShell.Run "C:\Progra~1\UltraVNC\win7drv\driver\certmgr.exe –add C:\Progra~1\UltraVNC\win7drv\driver\uvnc.cer -c -s -r localMachine TrustedPublisher", ,True

See Trusting Video Driver post for more information.

4) Install the video driver

In our company this is being done by SCCM with admin rights, screenshot below if relevant to anyone in the future. Note that the entire command line below is not shown; its entirety is “devcon.exe install mv2.inf mv_hook_display_driver2"


It may also be possible to script the devcon video driver install by other means, just make sure that it is running with administrator rights. I was unable to get devcon.exe to work well for me as a VBS script launched from SCCM, therefore I resorted to calling it directly (as shown in the screenshot above.)
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Re: Automating the video driver installation

Postby Atticus » 2012-12-16 21:41

Posted a powershell script to viewtopic.php?f=46&t=15904 which maybe helpful.
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