Bugs and problems

Bugs and problems

Postby WiZy » 2010-07-20 17:08


I have been using UltraVNC for many many years and I am satisfied by your product. During the last days I upgraded all my computers to the latest stable version Mostly I use Windows 7, x86 and x64 and I always install uvnc as a service.

However, I have noticed some serious issues in the latest stable that I would like to report and share:

1) uvnc under W7 x64: It works well most of the times. Today it just crashed unexpectedly but let me reconnect after a couple of minutes. When I connected back to the box, I saw a Windows notice saying something like "compatibility fixes have been applied to UltraVNC due to problems" (I am not sure if the translation is correct, because there is a greek langpack in this particular Windows installation).

2) uvnc under W7 x86: About 50% of the times I connect to these computers, I receive a weird message saying "server is running as application" after accepting my password. Of course the uvnc server is installed as a service, and in all times a remote restart resolves the problem temporarily. I have read many threads in this forum about this particular problem, but most of them said about Symantec Endpoint Protection which I haven't (I just use NOD32 AV and Anti-Malware and my Windows Firewall is disabled from the services). I also read about upgrading to 1.0.8.x, which apparently didn't resolve the problem too. Any ideas?

3) I noticed also that uvnc (and tightvnc also as far as I have tested) cannot accept a password of more than 8 characters in viewer. I think that it accepts it in server though. If you could arrange to fix that, it would be great.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance. Keep up the good work guys.
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