Single window Sharing

Single window Sharing

Postby chithra » 2010-07-29 07:18

Hello :),
I am using ultra vnc source,while sharing a single window , Viewer side window is resizing correctly, and i can able to see the window which i had given for sharing.
My problem is ,in server side if i invoke any other window then the window i had given for sharing and the window which is invoke newly also coming in viewer side.
I want to share only the first window i had given to share, even if i select any other window in server side.
Can any one help me.

chithra.S :)
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Re: Single window Sharing

Postby B » 2010-07-29 13:58

Sorry. VNC does not work that way. You're sharing your entire screen (or screens), period.

I suppose you could run a virtual machine and then run the winvnc server inside that, if you really want.

Perhaps someone else has a better suggestion.
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