'complete offline installation ultravnc' thread errors

'complete offline installation ultravnc' thread errors

Postby ncpnc » 2010-07-30 13:56

I wrote to thread author already but I have no response until now, so here is the problem:

Unfortunately it's impossible to follow guide: complete offline installation ultravnc

After I got my INTERNAL iss file opened, i found two mismatches with guide:

1. ultravnc.ini is not included in project file INTERNAL_UltraVnc_installer_script.iss

2. This file is also outdated:
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so compilation is failing even after I added ultravnc.ini manually to iss setup. There are two other iss files in binaries package and they are up to date but guide mention only INTERNAL one...

So am I missing something or guide should be corrected or maybe binaries should be updated :)?
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Re: 'complete offline installation ultravnc' thread errors

Postby spreisinger » 2010-08-04 06:45


i have the same problem here. Any Solutions? Thanks!

-so long
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Re: 'complete offline installation ultravnc' thread errors

Postby jt65 » 2010-08-31 13:19

I'd like to add that my .ISS references vncviewer_tab.exe, but the file doesn't exist in the bin files .ZIP file I downloaded (
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