File Transfer error

File Transfer error

Postby Cupis » 2010-08-06 13:57

Hi Guys,

I have seen this problem in other threads, but i am not sure if its explained the same way as i am experiencing the problem. My UVNC works perfect, and the browsing is great, but as soon as i start using the File Transfer things get a little unstable.

The error is quite erratic as to when it pops up. I have noticed with faster local internet connections i receive this error less, as apposed to when i connect to a slower and more remote connection. small files i normally can get across before it bombs, but the larger files from about 10mb and bigger i get problems.


System Setup:

Viewer: Windows 7 Professional 32bit running UVNC v
Server: Windows XP Pro running UVNC v1.0.2

This i think the error appears to happen more often, and it tends to lock up the server, and i cannot reconnect afterwards.

Tested System Setup:

Same Specs as above, except i upgraded server to V1.0.8.2.

Same error would appear.

Just to note, i did set the Quick options to medium

What bugs me, is that the the internet connection does not even drop, the error just comes up randomly during copying. I do not use any VPN's or Plugin's i connect using port 5900. and do port forwarding on the server router.
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