ultravnc ini file and remote installation

ultravnc ini file and remote installation

Postby somewhereouthere » 2010-08-06 15:00

hi all, i am trying to use 'STRCM' utility to install ultravnc remotely and uninstall it once the session is complete. i can get it to work just fine with older versions of ultravnc, but now i need to use the newer versions of this app, especially the one that supports multiple monitor viewing. i have downloaded the patch that allows me to view dual monitors. when i try to install the newer ultravnc remotely via 'STRCM' i get a pop up window on the remote pc saying that ultravnc doesnt have a password and the remote connection is not allowed. i am assuming the winvnc is looking for the ini file on the remote pc. since 'STRCM" utility only installs a few files just to make the remote connection the ini file is not installed. i am wondering if there is a way to eliminate the call that winvnc does for the ini file in this situation. i can use this method with older version of ultravnc just fine but i dont get the support for dual monitor.
i really would like to use the newer winvnc file but eliminate the call for the ini file -
has anyone used 'STRCM' before and know of a trick to do this
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