Newbie Question: Remote Control.

Newbie Question: Remote Control.

Postby Aguilabrava » 2010-11-24 17:24

I have installed UltraVNC 1.0.8.X as a server and as a viewer in two computers in my LAN. Everything is working fine. Now, let's say a friend of mine that lives in California is having trouble with his PC and wants some help, how do I access his desktop from mine?. What is the procedure to do this?. I guess he would have to download UltraVNC and install it as server in his computer, I guess by what I have read that it would be UltraVNC SC, but once that's done, how do I connect my viewer to his PC from my location?. What do I type in the VNC Server dialog box in the VNC Viewer in my computer?.
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Re: Newbie Question: Remote Control.

Postby redge » 2010-11-24 20:28

try it
is ready to assist anyone from anywhere in the worl in fews step.
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