What is the encryption level?

What is the encryption level?

Postby jffnuggets » 2013-09-10 11:41

Warm greets.

I just started supporting uVNC, and need to get familiar with it. Specifically, I'm after the security specs.

How do I tell which encryption we're using?

The Ultr@VNC Viewer shows 'Connection', with 'Use DSMPlugin' set to 'SecureVNCPluginARC4.dsm' selected.

VNC Server:
- 5.0.5 (r106461) - Built on Mar 4 2013 13:28:51, 64bit build

- Authentication: Windows password
- Encryption: Always on

Thanks so much for all guidance.
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Re: What is the encryption level?

Postby Bonji » 2013-09-11 15:14

Encryption is being provided by the DSM Plugin, so you can lookup the details based on the filename "SecureVNCPluginARC4.dsm". I have no clue what the rules are on posting links to external sites so I'll just point you in that direction.

Adam Walling is the creator of the SecureVNC plugins, and he has a website that provides the details on it.
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