VNC not consistently connecting

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VNC not consistently connecting

Postby ChrisMcD » 2011-04-05 18:36

Although related to my other post, It seems this is a little different.

Chunk seems to work fine after a reboot, but after my computer has been running a while it won't connect.

We are currently using the older single click VNC until I'm sure Chunk is as reliable. So I have the VNC Viewer running on my computer, but that does not seem stop Chunk from working initially.

Now the problem:
After a day, I can still see the new connection come into the repeater but when I start my side and type in the # I do not see the initial connection screen on my computer and nothng really seems to happen.

Even if I go into task manager and kill all vncviewer.exe*32 occurances - including the single click 'monitor', nothing happens.

If I leave the external computer connected to the repeater and reboot only my computer. Chunk then starts working correctly. Is there a process that is not releasing until I reboot. Any idea what I can stop to get Chunk VNC working without the reboot?

I'm using windows 7 but have UAC disabled to the extent that windows will let me.

Thanks for your help,
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Re: VNC not consistently connecting

Postby B » 2011-04-05 20:04

Are you using the version of UltraVNC within ChunkVNC, e.g., the one in Chunk 3.1? It basically doesn't work with repeaters for more than an hour or so. (The server just begins reconnecting so infrequently that no connection is maintained.)

You either have to swap out the UltraVNC server executable with a version or use a higher level release of UltraVNC. ChunkVNC 3.2 uses UltraVNC
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