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Postby Netzvamp » 2012-02-09 12:22

For now i modify the language string manual in the source and thats no big deal. But it would be great, if we could get a multilanguage exe, that asks the user in his language.
It seems that AutoIt have already an language variable and also an great examplecode here: ... gCodes.htm

So it shouldn't be a problem to set the Language Strings between the Select-Case-Switch and insert different languages there.

Here are my for german:
Code: Select all
; Language strings.
$str_Program_Title =                "Fernwartung"
$str_Button_InstallService =          "Als Dienst installieren"
$str_Button_DisableUAC =             "Deaktiviere UAC (Neustart als Admin)"
$str_Button_Exit =                  "Beenden"
$str_MsgBox_Information =             "Information"
$str_MsgBox_ExitInstantSupport =       "Fernwartung beenden?"
$str_MsgBox_ServiceInstallation =       "Service Installation"
$str_MsgBox_Error =                  "Fehler"
$str_MsgBox_RemoveService =            "Dienst entfernen und Deinstallieren?"
$str_UACAlreadyDisabled =             "UAC ist schon beendet."
$str_ServiceEnterAnIDNumber =          "Eine ID-Nummer eingeben:"
$str_ServiceInvalidID =             "Ungültige ID, Service Installation abgebrochen."
$str_ErrorDisableUAC =               "Deaktivieren von UAC benötigt Administratorrechte."
$str_ErrorInstallService =            "Installation als Dienst benötigt Administratorrechte."
$str_ErrorStopService =               "Stoppen von VNC Diensten benötigt Administratorrechte."
$str_ErrorUnknownCommand =            "Unbekannter Befehl."
$str_ErrorRepeaterConnectionFailed =    "Verbindung zum Repeater ist nicht möglich."
$str_EndSupportSession =            "Möchten Sie die Fernwartungssitzung wirklich beenden?"
$str_CloseOtherVNCServers =            "Ein anderer VNC-Server läuft bereits und muss gestoppt werden. Soll versucht werden diesen Server zu stoppen?"

Another great thing in the compiler would be an GUI-Button to set the path to the logo.jpg, to change the logo-pic a bit easier.
And if the compiler could keep the configuration would be handy for testing.

What you think about it? If you need help, bump me :D
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Re: Multilanguage

Postby supercoe » 2012-02-09 14:18

Thanks for the translation!
I agree with you that the compiler needs a redesign to better serve a new user in customizing InstantSupport, I've been thinking about that as well. - ChunkVNC - Free PC Remote control with the Open Source UltraVNC wrapper InstantSupport!
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