It's using options.vnc?

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It's using options.vnc?

Postby freaq » 2012-05-03 21:13


Been testing this out but I've hit a snag.

I'm testing this out with dual monitor setup on the remote and viewer computer. I was always getting my viewer on the second screen and automatically shrunk to my second screen resolution. It gave me a bunch of scrolling and resizing issue and kept opening on that secondary screen.

I did some research in the forums and found the "selectedscreen" option. Except I found it under "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\UltraVNC\options.vnc". It seems that ChunkVNC viewer is using some settings from that file if it exist from a previous installation of uVNC. I proceeded to change the setting in that file and voila, I got what I want. My problem is that I want that option to be "compiled" or at least able to change that option inside the viewer folder before giving it out to others that are providing support.

Is there another place I can enter that "selectedscreen" that I can control before sending it out? Or I have to provide that options.vnc file and put it manually in each computers/users?
I imagine the whole option.vnc file is used execpt options you overide?

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Re: It's using options.vnc?

Postby supercoe » 2012-05-08 13:27

Interesting find, this whole time I never knew about that file.
With some digging I came up with a good explination:

You can change the autoscale option in Viewer\Bin\chunkviewer.ini but besides a 3rd party tool I've never dealt much with getting the viewer to always open on a particular screen. - ChunkVNC - Free PC Remote control with the Open Source UltraVNC wrapper InstantSupport!
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