UAC question

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UAC question

Postby akiho » 2012-06-29 23:00

I am experiencing an issue with ChunkVNC and Win7 that I believe was answered in the FAQ, but I am just clearing up my understanding of it.

I am beta-testing ChunkVNC for use as a remote service solution as I am very fond of the idea of being able to connect to any computer from any other computer using the repeater. All of that works great.

The thing that is tripping us up here is UAC prompts. These are expected, and it is acceptable to have the customer click through the prompt itself. However, we are not able to control any aspect of the installation succeeding the prompt either. We lose control of the customers PC until the installer itself is closed. Our previous software used VNC and PCHelpware, but did not have this limitation. Why does UltraVNC not allow the remote tech to interface with an installation window AFTER the UAC prompt is accepted?

If we save the InstantSupport.exe file to the customers desktop, kill the connection, and then have the customer run the executable as administrator and reconnect, we are able to interface with the desktop outside of the prompts themselves. This process is a bit complicated than we would like it to be.

Is there a way to build in the "Run as administrator" function into the downloaded executable so that it runs that way without having to be saved first, or is there another way to make this work without having to walk customers through installations? Again, we don't mind having them click the prompts; we realize that there is no getting around that. We would just like to be able to actually run the installations post-prompt without having to rely on customer interaction.

Thank you for your time.
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Re: UAC question

Postby tigro11 » 2012-07-03 14:09

well I'm looking for a solution for windows 7 uac
I can not jump out of this problem.
Maybe if someone can help

Thanks to all
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Re: UAC question

Postby supercoe » 2012-07-03 15:03

This is expected behavior of UAC.
If you need to reboot the computer or control User Account Control (UAC) on Vista/7 you must install InstantSupport as a service.

I can't control a program after it prompted for UAC.
This is the point of UAC, you don't have access to the program that asked for administrative permission to run.
Install as Service to gain control of UAC prompts. - ChunkVNC - Free PC Remote control with the Open Source UltraVNC wrapper InstantSupport!
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Re: UAC question

Postby okinobk » 2012-08-27 12:32

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