InstantSupport.exe - Messes with my filedates!!!

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InstantSupport.exe - Messes with my filedates!!!

Postby Mesomorf » 2012-08-16 19:22

Ok.. this going to sound strange.

But everytime i execute InstantSupport.exe the files that exists in the same folder gets the same timestamp as the computerclock has.

Right now my other downloaded files (about 200 files) got exact same date/time.
Tried it on a Win 2003 server, it does not change anything in that system.

Anyone that can check it the same thing happen on their system?

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Re: InstantSupport.exe - Messes with my filedates!!!

Postby supercoe » 2012-08-20 17:55

What version of ChunkVNC are you using?

Have you modified the source files in any way? - ChunkVNC - Free PC Remote control with the Open Source UltraVNC wrapper InstantSupport!
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