uvnc Strange mouse pointer behavior

uvnc Strange mouse pointer behavior

Postby rsutton » 2011-04-05 20:20

I just installed uvnc (32bit) on an XP server at home. I connect locally to this server from a Win7 (32bit) desktop and a win7 (32bit) laptop. Both exhibit strange mouse pointer movement after connection.

If I move the mouse rapidly to a position on the screen and stop, the mouse pointer keeps moving then snaps back. Other times, if I move the mouse to a new position on the screen, the cursor jumps back to the point from which I started then snaps to the final intended location.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior? I never experienced this behavior on uvnc or 1.0.8.x. Have I set something incorrectly? I did a standard complete install, not an upgrade from

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Re: uvnc Strange mouse pointer behavior

Postby redge » 2011-04-13 00:19

yes, is see, but don't know how to explain to Rudi with my very basic english
as slow the keyboard to show typing on remote, sometime quick and sometime after 1 sec or more on LAN wired connection
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