Windows XP to Windows 7

Windows XP to Windows 7

Postby alanridout » 2011-07-28 11:12

Morning all,

Having an issue using on both pc's

My pc is running XP SP3 2Gb Ram
our client pc is running Windows 7 SP1 32Bit 2Gb Ram

when i try and dial in i get a grey screen followed by partial desktop, the session then crashes
on dialing in again I can see the desktop but after a few seconds i lose the Red light/Green light in the top right corner and my session hangs
when i dial in a third time having crashed out of the second session I can see desktop and move mouse however things are really slow

When installing the client i installed the mirror video drivers and have poll full screen, low accuracy, remove Aero, remove background selected, however the session still runs really slowly

Can anyone suggest anything / give guidance from their own experiences, i have spent 2 days so far playing with settings, uninstalling and reinstalling but with no success

Many thanks

Alan Ridout
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