Unable to remote using mslogon II with 2 groups

Unable to remote using mslogon II with 2 groups

Postby C4B » 2012-03-28 22:48


I've been testing UVNC to do a view only by creating a group within xp, when I configure UVNC mslogon II and I check the view box for the group I created within XP is able to do a view only which works but that's only if that group is on it own. when I add the domain admin account I'm not able to login with the domain admin account and I get rejected. when I login with domain\admin I'm able to only view but the
group account is able to take full control. I'm trying to accomplish the other way around.

I have 2 groups which is IT VNC Test "view-only", and the main domain admin account. "full control"

If any one is out that has this setup please help with configuring UVNC to do what I'm explained above.

Thanks in advance.
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