SC not connecting

SC not connecting

Postby hectorahinojosa » 2012-04-19 03:37

I got the SC customized and it seems to work. Unfortunately, I cannot get either the server to connect or the viewer to connect. I tried using my public address and using internal addresses. I tried using different ports and all I could think about but nothing worked. I tried turning off firewalls. I have compiled about 12 different SC.EXE with different ports and different addresses. Nothing works. SC.exe is downloaded and launched and it says it does start but I cannot connect with the viewer. I tried wire shark but I dont see much that could be related to SC.exe. The address on source and destination dont match the SC.exe.


Thanks in advance.
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Re: SC not connecting

Postby tg_harris » 2012-05-12 23:42

I am having much the same problem. I am using the current version uVNC Viewer and when I try to get my SC executable to connect for debugging purposes they don't connect, even when on the same PC. :surprise:

I run Viewer in listen mode, using SecureVNC64.dsm on port 5500, and I confirm on my software firewall that Viewer is listening on port 5500. I set the SC to send on port 5500 using its built-in encryption. I can see SC sending on port 5500, but Viewer is not making the connection.

Could anyone help me find out what I'm doing wrong?

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