flakey mouse on second monitor using vmware

flakey mouse on second monitor using vmware

Postby blacktusk » 2012-08-22 02:19

I have an interesting issue running a dual display system using both monitors under vmware workstation (version 7.1.5).

To be able to use the mouse on the second monitor locally, I need to attach a mouse to VMWare (using Removable devices). This works fine on both monitors.

However, via UVNC (x64 version the mouse is flakey on the second monitor. It seems to work for a few clicks if I attach the mouse via VNC, but then stops working. If I reconnect the mosue to host, then attach the mouse again it will again work for a few clicks.

Running on a DELL R5500 Rack workstation, both host and VM are 64 bit Windows 7 Pro.

Any ideas??
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