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Postby wolftrail34 » 2014-04-30 20:05

I have a strange problem that I am hoping to find an answer to:

I have been rebuilding computers for the XP to Windows 7 conversion.

My builds are essentially identical, however, I can install UVNC X64 on one Machine, set it in a remote location, and install the same program on another identical machine, and set it in a different location and have the ability to control one machine and no ability to control the other machine. One I can fully control, and the other is like Read Only ability. It is a bizzare behavior that is totally random.

Any ideas would be great!


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Re: update

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2014-05-01 11:04

Seems je just discovered that win7 has UAC protection.

You have noticed that some system windows request permission (windows need your permission to continue).
As soon as a window started with UAC is open, input from vnc is blocked.

1) vnc running as service has permission
2) vnc started as application need to be started with "runas admin"
( if vnc is started with runas, both the system window and vnc are at the same security level and you can inject keyboard/mouse clicks)
Rudi De Vos
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