Replacing Pchelpware with uvnc2me

Nat2Nat connections without repeater.

Replacing Pchelpware with uvnc2me

Postby sylrob » 2016-03-10 13:25

Good Morning,

I'm currently testing Pchelpware and for now it is working perfectly, except that we need for the File transfert more than 100 MB and it don't seem to work with multiple screen and most of our customer are using multiple screen and sometimes not ofently we need it !

Anyway I want to test uvnc2me but it is not clear in my mind how can I replace the actual solution that I have with Pchelpware let me explain !

The most important part is that I don't want repeater and I don't want our customer to have to setup their router !
So I have 4 technician running Pchelpware on different port (5500,5501,5502,5503), when they need to take control of one of our customer desktop they simply start the server in Pchelpware_viewer, I already forward the port on my router to the right technician computer.

In our software I added a button that Call the Function Start_server() from 1scdll.dll and I give our Internet IP and the port for the right technician so the user have nothing todo except pressing the button !

My question now,

If I want to continue to use the Start_server() function from 1scdll.dll because it is the easiest way for our customer, what do I have to install and configure on the computer of my technician, after reading uvnc2me doc that I found it seems that the used of a SERVER is mandatory am I right ?. I can if needed install a server here and redirect needed port to that server no problem, but I really want our user to only have a button to press in our software to give control of their desktop to our technician !. Is it possible with uvnc2me ?. Sorry if it's a dumb question but I can't figure out how to do it with the documentation I found !

A little help will be really appreciated ! :)

If you need any further information it will be a pleasure to give it !
Best Regards,

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