IP Blacklisted

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IP Blacklisted

Postby jolvos » 2018-05-12 20:37


After all day at home struggling to make uvnc2me work, I decided to register here in order to say that it wasn't working (tried with 3 different Win10, a Win8, a Server 2012R2 and more). Then, the registration at this forum failed because "I'm a spammer", so this page led me to http://www.sorbs.net to see that my IP was blacklisted in 2015 (way before I got this IP).

Then, I had the idea of making a test using the company network and a customer's one (both benefit from this), and it worked like a charm... So, ¿are also the Access Servers using this block feature?

Annyway, given my doubt, the obvious move was trying to delist myself (it was fast and easy), but uvnc2me still fails at home network. Is there any additional UVNC measure that permablocks IPs or something? What else can I do?
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