Australia is a disaster zone at the moment

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Australia is a disaster zone at the moment

Postby JDaus » 2011-01-16 00:09

the floods in Queensland alone are BAD ... an area the size of Texas was underwater last week, with nearly double that area in "a state of disaster", with approximately 200 000 Klms of roads damaged. we have flooding in most other states, but have not heard statistics on the overall area affected ... so sorry if i have been absent from the forums (im OK where i am, but have friends & family who have lost everything they own). this does not compare to the human toll in the pakistan and indian floods last year, but on the shear size of it, and the fact that 50% of the flood waters will take months to reach the sea, it is something that will knock us about for a while to come yet.

Our country towns deal with flooding on a annual basis sometimes, but when one of australia's largest city gets 8 meters of water, it makes a mess of things (if it wasn't for the wivenhoe dam, it would have been aprox 16 meters).
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Re: Australia is a disaster zone at the moment

Postby igor.twin » 2011-07-13 15:50

Horible. Sorry for friends and family. Australia are on place where ciklon strike from every sea around. I dont know about earthquake, but New Zeland is close, and there are earthquakes strike regulary. I live in Croatia, and we have erthquake every year, but fortunatly not yet like in New Zeland, but we are close to Etna vulcan in Italy, and Africa plate are every year closing to us for several milimetar.

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