UltraVNC AutoHide Titlebar

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UltraVNC AutoHide Titlebar

Postby boisverd » 2014-01-07 17:44

Is the autohide of the titlebar only changeable in the source code? I need to deploy a .vnc file to a group of users and I would like for to see the TitleBar with pin always pushed in. They do not need to use the toolbar at all. Is this possible via an option in the .vnc file, or in the .ini file. Possibly even a command line option that I can place in batch file to run on the windows machines in my domain.

If no option or switch is available, I will try in the source :
void CTitleBar::Init()
SlideDown=TRUE; //Slide down at startup

And place tbPinNotPushedIn to FALSE and recompile.
Please let me know if anyone has ever had this issue and what your solution was.

Cheers! :thumbs:
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