DSMPlugin problem

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DSMPlugin problem

Postby KetchupMan » 2004-07-31 17:56

What I've discovered is that of my four computers, only one will let you login with out the dsmplugin box checked (all four vnc servers have the use dsmplugin box checked). You can login to this one computer from any of the other three without having the box checked. I have checked everything(see other posts) - default/user settings - all have the box checked....uninstalled/reinstalled at least a dozen times....clean the registry of all VNC settings except the legacy ones.

When I went back to a May Norton Image of my C drive and I again installed Ultra VNC (18) on this computer it worked fine!!

What am I missing on my current C drive that lets me login on a computer where the DSM is unchecked but checked on the server???

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Postby Sir Nigel » 2004-08-01 00:40

No, one is going to help you if you keep posting duplicate topics everywhere. I'm don't know what the fix is, but it's likely someone here knows. Just calm down and you can get helped. :P
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