this version tries to log in to my repeater twice

this version tries to log in to my repeater twice

Postby rcooke » 2016-02-12 21:29

Installed tied to two local IP ports (wired and WiFi) works fine. Encryption plugin is enabled. OS is Windows 7, all updates and patches.

As soon as I add "service_commandline=" to the INI file and restart the service it connects to the repeater. Then tries to connect again, gets an error, flashes the "connection failed" message on the icon. And tries again after a few seconds!

After a fresh install, I copied the INI file from the previous version - likely V1.2.0.8. So I know it used to work.

Also, in Process Explorer the child "winvnc.exe" process is not right.

Normally, I see the primary entry command line as "Winvnc.exe -service". And below that is a child process with command line "WinVnc.exe -autoreconnect..." (the params from the INI file line.

However, has the primary process. But for the child process it says "Winvnc.exe Error Opening process".

I can connect to it via the repeater, or direct. Its just super annoying having the error message flash up on the icon every few seconds.

----- Update ----
I don't see in the downloads section. So I downloaded to both machines as an MSI and installed it on top of The target has stopped trying to log into the repeater twice. But now I get that annoying black or blue solid screen on connection. I get 427 bytes of Rx data then it stops. Same result direct or via the repeater.

I'm stuck. Do I do a full un-install and re-install of, or roll back further....

----- update2 -----
I installed Screen Connect so I could keep working on the target machine by remote. I noticed the uVNC icon was yellow. When I used "list all clients" it shows all my connection attempts as still connected! I rebooted to clear the list. Then, just for fun, I tried to connect again using uVNC and it WORKED! I have always suspected Screen Connect uses something much like VNC internally, could have installing it "fixed" something uVNC needed?
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