Clipboard bug

Clipboard bug

Postby szymon.nowak » 2016-02-22 13:58

After using the copy files between computers(local and remote) stops working clipboard (copy paaste text)
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Re: Clipboard bug

Postby MiG » 2016-02-22 16:34

You can try using my workaround:
After closing the file-copy-tool, try first pressing ALT-key then CTRL-key (one after the other).

This "bug" is really old, I guess I reported it back in the day, but as the workaround works and is very easy ... why bother :tomato:

My "explanation" goes like this:
For some reason after using the copy-tool (ALT-F7) it seems like the ALT/CTRL-keys are "locked in the background" (causing all kind of strange keystroke behavior).
So, it's not really the clipboard that's not working, it's more like you can't initiate the right keystroke or key-combination for it (and a lot of other things).
Like when you press CTRL-C/CTRL-V there is "already some ALT/CTRL in the background", messing up your keystrokes.

Fortunately simply pressing ALT and then CTRL after closing the copy-tool, get's you back to "normal key-stroke-behavior" :)

I'm still on btw, still works like a charm on win8.1, thx Rudi :)
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