Cmd line "-autoscaling" not working for v1.2.1.1

Cmd line "-autoscaling" not working for v1.2.1.1

Postby Fab73 » 2016-10-11 20:51

Hi all,
I am using UltraVNC Viewer to visualizate remote PC screen into a big screen.
The launch of the viewer is by command line and the viewer windows is adjusted by location and size by my program.
I need to move and resize the viewer windows because I could have more than one Viewer running, so I have to adjust them to fit better the big screen resolution.
I need the Viewer property to AUTOSCALE themself to viewer window size.
This works in v1.2.1.0, but not more in v1.2.1.1.
I am having viewer crashes with v1.2.1.0, so I would like to install v1.2.1.1 but with this bug (?) I couldn't.

I noticed that launching the viewer v1.2.1.1 with:
vncviewer.exe <hostaddress> -viewonly -password xxxxx -autoscaling
in the <options> the voice "Scale to window" is NOT set (but is set on v.
Please can you geave a try to solve this issue?
Thanks in advance

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