Screen on remote server freezes after disconnect

Screen on remote server freezes after disconnect

Postby kenscudder » 2017-03-20 21:58

We're having an issue we haven't seen before. It first showed up in version but when downgrading to 1.2.10 it also happened. Here is the scenario on a Windows 7 64 bit server, running SQL Express 2014 and Milestone 2016 R2. After we log on to a UNVC session to a remote server, it looks fine until we log off. The user then reports that the screen is frozen. So we get back on, video starts working, log off and it freezes again. If we restart the video screen program on the remote server and get off BEFORE it gets up all the way, the video works and continues to work. When working with a test server, I could see the remote screen flash and then the video monitors being shown froze. We've been running this for at least a couple years in a windows 7 32 bit environment but did not see this behavior.
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