FileTransfer FT disabled

FileTransfer FT disabled

Postby ianfinlay » 2017-05-17 01:54

I have the following setup:
- Windws 7 Embedded running x64 UltraVNC Server as a service - title bar appended with "service mode"
- Windows 10 Viewer x64 UltraVNC

The server has file transfer enabled in admin properties
The viewer shows no file transfer icon
when I right click the viewer title bar and access file transfer from the popup menu I get the message...

"The connected VNC Server doesn't support UltraVNC File Transfer !" :oops:

I have other sites with the same setup but file transfer works

I am appreciative of any ideas to resolve this

Aside: I have found that I need to have a scheduled task that kills and restarts uvnc_service.exe every hour, if I have not accessed a remote ultravnc server for extended periods I can not always get in, and then its a flight hire car hotel; just to reboot a PC.
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Re: FileTransfer FT disabled

Postby CoreyCoop » 2017-05-24 05:21

I have sort of the same problem, in that I can set the Properties to allow file transfer, but it won't allow me to enter transfer mode.
Windows 7 to Windows 7
both 64bit
both on the same network, so quite fast, no bandwidth issues.
Server running in Service Mode
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