Blanking of local screen and disabling local inputs?

Blanking of local screen and disabling local inputs?

Postby aegrotatio » 2017-08-15 05:28

I usually have the host running UltraVNC automatically blank the local screen and disable local inputs. In the version I have noticed that while the disabling of local keyboard/mouse works, the automatic blanking of the local screen feature no longer works.

Am I missing a feature in either the client or the server? Did I imagine that this feature was automatic? How do I blank the local screen, anyway? Essentially, when I log into a host, I want that host's screen to blank and the keyboard/mouse to be disabled.

Thanks in advance for your help!!
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Re: Blanking of local screen and disabling local inputs?

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2017-08-15 13:25

Same server OS as before.

Using layered windows to blank the screen was part of xpdm (XP-win7 in on Aero mode) and
total removed in windows8 and higher.

In case layered windows are no longer supported, we use the powermanager to put the monitor in sleep mode.
This is a solution that doesn't work 100%, sometimes the monitor flash when mouse move activate the screen en vnc
disable it. But if people disable the powermanager... vnc can't overwrite it.

No change in 1215, a lot of changes in the newer OS's

Also check the server options
[v] Enable Blank Monitor
[]Disable only input

If second 'disable only' is checked, monitor is not blank
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