Single click not working as

Single click not working as

Postby mjflorezm » 2018-02-08 04:56

Hi Everybody:

I'm having problems to connect single click server (no matter what version used -> RC23 (2005) or June 2015 win8 win10) to Repeater v140.

I'm runing SC on Windows 10 64bits and the Repeater is working on Windows Server 2016.

if a try with normal Server and viewer, they connects to repeater without no issue, but single click server just shows connected for less than a second and then it crashes while the ballon is still on the screen. Is there any log on SC server to check? i'm using no DSMplugin becuase i frist want to establish conectiong before doing security.

I'm quite sure that it connects becuase if i change the URL to a wrong adress, it shows the 5 mins retry ballon, and after that it closes too. So, its behaivor is like expected but it can not hold the connection after negotiation and crashes.

My Commandline Parameters are: -connect -noregistry

Any help will be welcome.


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