and Windows 10 delays/hangs/freeze/slow and Windows 10 delays/hangs/freeze/slow

Postby ferngesteuert » 2018-02-20 06:57

On my new laptop I've installed uvnc server.
I want to control from another Windows 7 PC using also Viewer with the encryption DSM

The connection can be established and the first 2 ..3 minutes I can work fine. But then the screen is not updated or updated with a long delay 20 .. 30 seconds.
On my laptop I see that the input is done (text is seen as typed on remote PC) but on the PC itself it is not seen.
Also Refresh does not help.

I found a hint to disable (uncheck SystemHook DLL on the server side, but it does not really help.
I'm using the default settings on both sides (Server and Viewer)

Can anyone give some advice on how to resolve this freeze/delay on PC?
Up to now Iwas using uvnc on Windows 7 only with Mirror driver and it worked fine (slightly older version)

regards, Michael
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