[] Can access network drive/share but no filetransfer

[] Can access network drive/share but no filetransfer

Postby AnotherUVNCuser » 2019-01-20 00:58

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since i last posted here. I also see new builds/versions have been released.
Due to lack of time (and being afraid to face new problems), i haven't yet considered to update.

Anyhow: The situation is as followed. It regularly happens that when accessing a network drive/share, i'm able to browse all the directories and files, but as soon as i want to download or upload a file, i'm getting:

"ERROR: File <example> is not accessible on Remote Machine"

The server is being run as service, with a reversed connection @ Windows 10.

Hopefully there's an answer for this (and a possible solution/workaround).

update: After some more searching i found out it comes down to the setting "user impersonate".

I guess it is disabled by default, because i just tried to transfer a file to a protected system location, and was able to upload it...

Meaning, i have to enable user impersonation...

Shall i delete this post? Because the same question was already answered elsewhere:

http://forum.ultravnc.info/viewtopic.ph ... 52#p104312
and here

If it doesn't turn out to be working, i'll report back ;-)

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