Repeater behind a firewall and Mode 1

Repeater behind a firewall and Mode 1

Postby MrWaloo » 2018-12-06 15:23

Hi there,

I have installed uvnc 64 bit on 3 PCs, the setup is like this:
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LAN-A  +------------------+       +-------+ LAN-B    +----------+ LAN-C
       |                  |       |       |          |          |
[MyPC IP-A_1 (viewer)]   [ firewall]     [Repeater    ]      [Server]
                        IP-A_2  IP-B_1  IP-B_2    IP-C_1      IP-C_2

The goal is to access to various PC in LAN-C.
LAN-B only contains 2 IP adrresses: 1. the firewall, 2. the Repeater. The firewall allows port 5900 and 5901 connection to IP-B_2.

IP-B_2 is the IP address I use as Proxy/Repeater in the viewer connection window.

I can access to the Repeater which has also a Server.
Mode 2 works but Mode 1 doesn't work. The firewall doesn't block the trafic, I checked the logs.
Could someone help?
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