v104 info

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v104 info

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2008-04-10 09:54

Ultravnc 1.0.4

Technical background

Before Vista all programs ( services and user application) run in the same session.
In Vista, services run in session0 while the user applications run in sessionXX. This
has a big impact, because session are isolated environments.

When you look at the process manager, you will see that ultravnc has 2 processes. One is
the service running in session0, the other is the application started by the service in the
console sessionXX.

In pre v104, the servicehelper was used to tell the service a new user logged on, and the icon needed to be placed in the tray.
This is NOT used in v104, the same task is done by the service.

I don't see my tray icon!

Each session has several desktops(logon,application default), but only one is visable.
Initial, the service start winvnc in the logon desktop and then internal switch to the active
desktop. When an error happen before the switch, error message is invisbale.
Possible causes:
-Only one winvnc can run in a single session.
You can not run winvnc as application and service, an older version was still installed
and started before the new.
-No password has been set.
If no password is set, winvnc ask for a password, unlucky this happen before the desktop switch,
the messagebox is invisable. Make sure you run the winvnc.exe as application and set a password before activating the service.

Registry, my changes does not work.

In Vista, the registry can be virtualized. To prevent all problems related to this registry change v104 use a
FILE instead of the registry. In the install folder of ultravnc you now have the file ulravnc.ini,
this replace the old registry method. Cleaning registry in case of trouble does not help, it isn't used....
If you realy want to use the registry, you can put this
UseRegistry = 1
as ultravnc.ini file. This force winvnc to use the old registry.

Special settings


This solves a bug for fast user switching.
Logon user A
switch user B
Logoff user B
This cause logon screen to be unreachable ( MS bug), Settings kickrdp =1 solve it.
But kickrdp=1, kick RDP sessions.
Use it with Fast User Switching, don't use it with RDP


service_commandline=-autoreconnect ID:12345678 -connect host

The service_commandline allow you to use the same command line parameters for the service as
in application mode. In this sample, the service now auto make an invers connection.
This is an advanced option, error message about the commandline syntax are invisable.

* Scroll Lock ON, winkey + shortcuts sent to remote
* Scroll Lock OFF, winkey + shortcuts are local (default)

Mods, feel free to edit or add some stuff, this page wil be later moved to the webserver.
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