Help me to update my strategy

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Help me to update my strategy

Postby pcouderc » 2018-07-28 08:03

Since many years I did use ultravnc SC and it was fine, to help any windows user...

Now I need the equivalent with a viewer in linux, and a server on windows XP, 8,10...

What is the best strategy for that ?

Which known linux viewer works on linux (in listen mode...) ?
Maybe only 1 server.exe is possible, maybe not, one for XP, one for other Windows?
I would like a single-click user server, I could write it myself if needed if it is small, to call this or that, but maybe it exits soon ..?

Please help me to update my strategy...

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Re: Help me to update my strategy

Postby Bedazzled » 2018-08-19 14:02


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killall x11vnc
ID=`shuf -i 100000-999999 -n 1`
x11vnc -connect repeater=ID:$ID+ -solid -ultrafilexfer -speeds dsl -bg
zenity --info --text '<i>HELPDESK</i>\n\n<span foreground="red" font="16">\НЕ ЗАКРЫВАЙТЕ ЭТО ОКНО</span>\n\n<span foreground="black" font="24">\Ваш ID</span>\n\n<span foreground="blue" font="32">'$ID' </span>\n\n<i></i>'
killall x11vnc

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ssvncviewer -repeater ID:1234 host:port
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