How do I use SingleClick --> HowTo for first time users

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How do I use SingleClick --> HowTo for first time users

Postby redge » 2005-07-17 23:23

1 - You should start at this page:

and download the, then unzip it.

2 - You only need 2 files from this zip file:
logo.bmp and

3 - Change the default logo.bmp to your company logo.
If you do this: 256 colors max, size must be 196x181.

4 - Basic SingleClick
(quick but not secure, as session will not be encrypted)
-> If you need secure SingleClick, please read How to configure and use encryption with SC SingleClick ?

the HOST part of helpdesk.txt content of SingleClick need to know viewer public_IP address or fully Qualifed Domain Name address.

-connect hostname.domain.tld::port -noregistry



Also change the TEXTCLOSEBUTTON section to something like 'Exit' or 'Quit'.


5 - Now create a zip file called with the same 4 files.

6 - Go there:

- Use the 3rd form. UltraVncSC update 2009
Username: foo
Password: foobar
In the upload field, insert the path to your file

In a few seconds (5-10) , there will be a file called remote_support.exe
-> Download this file : it is the file that you distribute to your end-user clients/family/friends

7 - Now Run Ultr@VNC Viewer (Listen Mode) from:
Start -> Programs -> UltraVNC -> UltraVNC Viewer (folder) -> Run UltraVNC Viewer (Listen Mode)
Start... Run... "%programfiles%\UltraVNC\vncviewer.exe" -listen
Your computer is now listening on port 5500 for incoming connections.

8 - Finally, email the end-user the remote_support.exe file (or put it on your website with a download link, send by Instant Messenger) and tell him to run it.

-> Once he/she runs it, he/she must double click on the appropriate name. It may take up to 20 - 30 seconds for his/her VNC Remote Screen to show up on your display. Now you can operate and remotely control the remote computer.

REM: If both ends are firewalled (NAT/router), you will have to change the settings on the Viewer side to allow port 5500 to go through.


If your ISP provide you a dynamic IP to your NAT/router, you need to subscribe to a dynamicDNS service provider supported from your NAT router and put your hostname freshly created and configure it to your NAT/router and then put the hostname FQDN to your helpdesk.txt and update your Singleclick
the SingleClick (vnc server) need to reach vnc viewer
so the DDNS client need running on viewer side.

to do from the viewer listening side, has a long list of different routers and a simple to follow step by step on port forwarding for just about any router.

Just select your router spam, then the router model, then select VNC from the list of programs to forward. It will show, pictures and all, how to forward a port for VNC.

FQDN= Fully Qualified Domain Name
A fully qualified domain name consists of a host and domain name, including top-level domain.
For example, is a fully qualified domain name.
sc is the host,
uvnc is the second-level domain,
.com is the top level domain.

-connect -noregistry


if you rent a static public IP address
(you know because is on your contract)
-connect -noregistry

this quick guide is for SC online creator
guide for SC offline creator see topic below:
SC Client Creator / Offline Compiler
UltraVNC SC Generator

for not lost to much of your (free) time...
Tips & Tricks - Testing SC without compiling:

Special thanks to jftuga, the owner of this post SC HowTo for first time users
(little bit modified to be more generic and true singleclick ;-))
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