machine has been preconfigured with Err...can't change props

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machine has been preconfigured with Err...can't change props

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2004-05-05 21:25

The settings have been blocked by the system adminitrator using a reg
setting. Even when you logon as sys admin you can not use the properties dialog to change to value. You need to change the registry
again before you can use the properties again.

AllowProperties: If this is set to zero, the user is not allowed to view the properties dialog and hence cannot change any settings, including the password. Note that this stops all global per-user settings. A valid password must therefore be in force before using this setting, generally in the local default-user setting.
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Re: machine has been preconfigured with Err...can't change p

Postby redge » 2008-07-14 11:17

for allow/disable winvnc admin properties change of uvnc 1.0.4 or higher.

stop uvnc_service or close winvnc.
open notepad and open existing file ultravnc.ini from folder ultravnc
run as administrator notepad (if vista, server 2008 or higher)
under text [admin]
if exist edit or if not exist, add of this variable without (comment)

AllowShutdown=1 (default)
AllowProperties=1 (default)
AllowEditClients=1 (default)

save ultravnc.ini
start uvnc_service or open winvnc

winvnc systray icon show or hidden depend of the setting apply.
do not change the ultravnc.ini file name.
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